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What's New in QB Programming?
                QB Headlines

                      Qlympics '99
                           The second Qlympics is here.  And now the competition is better than ever! Last
                    summer's Qlympics contained so much cheating that the results were skewed to the
                    point of disaster, so this year, one must vote for EVERY program in a category or the
                    votes will be discarded.  This will let every program in the category get an equal
                    number of votes so people can't vote for one program hundreds of times.
                            For more info on Qlympics'99, go to Qlympics'99.

                            VirtuaSoft's screen 13h graphics library, Dash, has gained the one sub poeple -
                    most notably Enigma - have been wanting:  Texture-mapping!  Dash also has a few
                    other subs in the works.  Below is a listing of all the subs that are "under
                            VSGetEMS: allocate extended memory
                            VSFreeEMS: clear an extended memory handle
                            VSMoveEMS: move a chunk of extended memory
                            VSSwapEMS: swap two chunks of extended memory
                            VSInfoEMS: get info on an EMS handle
                            VSDriverEMS: get EMS driver info
                            VSRollScreen: roll the screen like in TMJ
                            For more info on Dash, go to VirtuaSoft.

                            DQB has countered Dash's texture-mapping with a texturing sub of its
                    own.  Now, the programmers will be able to start making three-dimensional
                    games - no matter which library they choose!
                            For more info on DQB, go to Enhanced Creations.

                         The Mystical Journey
                           TMJ hasn't seen very many updates in the past weeks (or months) mainly
                    because I've had tons of school work (:P to the IB program).  Over my Christmas
                    break, expect TONS of updates.
                            For more info on TMJ, go to VirtuaSoft.

                    VirtuaSoft Implode/Explode
                            VirtuaSoft has recently released a compression program and information
                    on the file format.  (Check "tricks-of-the-trade.")  This format can compress any
                    number of files onto a single VS file and compress the files, on the average, to
                    40% of their original size.  As of now, only a simple IDE had been created, but a
                    better one is in the works.

                        Super Mario World: Clone
                            (Also expect updates to this program in late December.)
                            The people working on the project are Necrolyte, DJRed, and Danny Gump
                    (that's me!).

                        Star Wars vs. Star Trek
                            This project has been sitting dormant on my web site since I first posted it
                    there during the spring, because the kinds of graphics I wanted for it were
                    impossible for me to do at the time.  A few weeks ago (when I had the flu), I got
                    really bored and decided to update this program with Dash.  It was originally
                    just a select screen with scanned images of starships, but I've added a real-time
                    cut scene and a parallax starfield (where the battles will eventually take place).
                            For more info on WarsTrek, go to VirtuaSoft.

                         Zelda Clone
                            This game by Killian will have levels and music identical to those in Zelda.
                    Everything was posted from emulators to get the game pixel-perfect to it's
                    Nintendo parent.  So far, the engine in partially done, allowing link to walk, use
                    his sword, and music plays in the background.
                            This game is the demo of the month, so play it now!