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Demo Game of the Month
Zelda Clone
official demo #1


Main Programmers: Killian, Jordan Chamid
The graphics are directly ported from emulators to be identical to those in Zelda.
The music is MID ports of Zelda and Link to the Past music.
Zelda and Link to the Past are ® trademarks of the Nintendo corporation....

                    What is it?
                            Zelda Clone is a remake of Zelda.

                        How is the interface?
                            It's controlled by using the arrow keys.  Ctrl uses the sword.  Alt uses magic.

                        Is there anything special about it?
                            Um...it's Zelda.  You decide. :P

                        Are the graphics good?
                            They're exactly how they were in Zelda.

                        Is there any music?
                            Yes.  The music in midi format from http://www.vgmusic.com.  The songs
                    come from Zelda and Link to the Past.

                        Do you have any screen-shots?
                            Of course...I wouldn't want to let you down.  Here they are...

An excellent restoration of Zelda's screen.
All the tiles are exactly how they originally were.
                    Do you want to try Zelda Clone?  Of course you do...  You can download it by
            clicking here.  It doesn't take very long to d/l (that's because it's already on your
            hard drive, DUH! hehe).  After you try it, tell me what you think of it, eh?  (That's

                    Have fun...