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What's New in QB Programming?
                QB Headlines

                            The following is an excerpt from Tsugumo's messageboard:
                               TheGame? Dunno...At this point it looks like I'm going to drop it for
                        good. I have no drive whatsoever to do it, it's just a chore...Hell, I don't even
                        want to program in GENERAL. As in no Zelda games, no nothing...I just want
                        to drop programming for I don't know how long...I want to concentrate on art
                        for a while...A long while probably. I don't draw as much as I used to anymore
                        ...Anyway, I want to draw, I want to render, I want to sit around doing nothing
                        ...I just don't want to program. I wasted my entire last summer programming...
                        I don't want to do it again this summer. Anyway, maybe I'll suddenly be like
                        "Oh yeah, gonna' do it" or something but right now it doesn't look that way...
                        :P Dunno...

                            From this, you'd expect that TheGame will never be finished, but when I was
                    talking with Tsu in his chatroom the next day, he said he was still undecided about
                    his plans for TheGame.  For more info on Tsu's plans for TheGame, go to
                    Tsugumo's lair

                            VirtuaSoft's screen 13h graphics library, Dash,  is still under production.  In the
                    last week, it has gained horizontal and vertical line subs (that can be used in a buffer)
                    and QB's QB.QLB has been merged with it to allow CALL ABSOLUTE and CALL
                    INTERRUPT.  This will allow QMIDI and DMAPlay to be used as well as Blast!.
                    Also, the accompanying text file and the demos have been updated to include better
                    documentation so Dash won't seem so cryptic.  In the next few weeks, expect Dash
                    to gain several more subs.
                            For more info on Dash, go to VirtuaSoft.

                        The Mystical Journey
                            In the last few weeks, VirtuaSoft's The Mystical Journey has been updated to
                    take advantage of Dash's high-speed subs.  It now has pixel-scrolling on the map,
                    in the villages, and for the cinemas - all of which are now full-screen!  The map also
                    uses multi-layered backgrounds to place the land over the water instead of the old
                    way of making several water tiles.  This new method saves 34Kb of array space.
                    The villages use the same method to produce foreground tiles.  Expect tons of
                    changes to TMJ in the up-coming weeks.  The map tiles are undertaking some
                    serious changes to reduce the "square" look, and more levels are being made.
                            For more info on TMJ, go to VirtuaSoft.

                        Space-a-roo 2
                            "SonicBlue" (Eric Schneider) has recently started production on the sequel
                    to his space-shooter, Space-a-roo.  This sequel will be incorporating Dash and,
                    from what I can tell, it will greatly emphasize Dash's sprite-scaling sub to zoom
                    ships in and out of the screen.  This sequel will not be confined to an upward-
                    scrolling screen, anymore, but it will give the player the freedom to explore.
                            For more info on SonicBlue's projects, go to SonicBlue.  (He'll be getting
                    his own domain name, soon, so this URL may not work much longer.)

                            This site no longer exists because "Killian" has taken over as it's
                    webmaster.  Instead of having both AlphaOmega and his own site, "Killian's
                    Homepage", he has decided to simply merge the two and have his site provide
                    100-point link reviews as well as 100-point program reviews.  (I hope he rates
                    text-games and graphics demos better than the previous owners of AlphaOmega
                            For more info, go to Killian's Homepage.

                        Qlympics '99
                            Qlympics '98 has not only been considered the "biggest QB programming
                    competition of all time," but it has been dubbed the "competition with the most
                    cheating of all time."  (It was the first year the Qlympics has taken place, so
                    Steve Martin at QBT50 had no idea everyone would cheat.)
                            Qlympics '99 will try to correct that cheating problem and allow all programs
                    entered in Q'98 re-enter to Q'99.  This follow-up competition will be run by
                    SonicBlue and VirtuaSoft sometime between this coming winter and next spring.
                    For more info, refer to the submitted article in this newletter.

                            This QB RPG made by "Enigma" has been known to have awesome
                    graphics, but very slow controls.  Enigma is in the process of correcting this by
                    editing code and implementing Dash into the game.  I don't have much more
                    info on this, so you'll have to check by Enigma's Domain in the upcoming
                    weeks to hear about it.  For more info, check Enigma's Domain.