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Qlympics '99
Qlympics '98
We expected much from Qlympics '98. It had a producer, a graphics designer, participants, and it was well known. Things going well: All the submissions were taken and reviewed by a group of judges (to see if they were worth entering in the main contest). The MAIN EVENT started....GREAT, thanx to CGI everyone gets to vote....and vote, and vote, and vote, and vote, and vote, and VOTE S'MORE! Gee, we forgot to make a defense against cheating (which was abundant in the least). OK, things weren't TOO bad, but it still wasn't a fair contest.....
Qlympics '99
Even though it seems far away we have already started to plan for the next Round. (Other than some graphics (Like the one above)) Here's what we've got so far:
1) We will use either:
a) E-mail submission (through CGI to get around IE4 launching a mail agent with mailto: forms)
b) CGI that will only allow voting if cookies are not disabled (If at all possible...)
2) We will zip an entire category of programs into a single file which will unzip into a clean directory structure. This saves time, both in downloading and setting up.
3) (idea:) Have a QBasic program where you vote on ALL the files in a category (to prevent high scores due to inpopularity). You will then send in the DATA file it creates.
4) (idea:) have a Panel of Judges.
Categories (Rough Draft, of course)
What: Qlympics '99
Entry: Dec-Feb
Contest: Jan-Mar
Where: http://www.sonicblue.com/Qlympics'99/
              or http://www.gnt.net/~gump/Qlympics99/    (when started)
Who: EVERYONE who has a Qbasic program to enter (NOTE: We are accepting ALL of last year's entries to give everyone a fair chance)
How: (hehe, yet to be decided)
-Eric Schneider (SonicBlue)