QuickBASIC/QBASIC newsletter

Demo Game of the Month

                    What is it?
                            DashPong is the first QB game released that uses Dash.  It was made for the
                    sole purpose of showcasing Dash.

                        How is the interface?
                            The interface is fast enough that it should work on any computer.  The controls
                    are simple enough for a 3 year old to understand. (They are provided in the game
                    for those of you who are 2 year olds - heh.)

                        Is there anything special about it?
                            Of course there is.  Have you ever seen a VirtuaSoft game that lacked anything
                    extra that made the game stand out? DashPong has two extra playing modes that can
                    be used instead of the traditional 2p mode: AI mode and ScreenSaver mode.  AI mode
                    allows one player to go against a computer opponent; ScreenSaver mode has two
                    computerized players play.  Also, there are the graphics...

                        Are the graphics good?
                            They're better than VSPong's graphics (the previous Pong made by VirtuaSoft)!
                    DashPong uses 256 colors in screen 13h.  (What more could one want in a Pong
                    game?)  It also has the ball and blockers...and...here it comes...a scrolling
                    background!  This background will scroll so fast that it will cause you to lose
                    concentration and miss the ball, courtesy of Dash's sprite sub.  (That's the purpose,
                    so live with it!)  Let's just say that you haven't played Pong until you've tried

                        Do you have any screen-shots?
                            Of course...I wouldn't want to let you down.  Here they are...

Oooooh...256 colors...
Heheh, player 2 missed the ball...
                    Do you want to try DashPong?  Of course you do..heh.  You can download it by
            clicking here.  It doesn't take very long to d/l (that's because it's already on your
            hard drive, DUH! hehe).  After you try it, tell me what you think of it, eh?

                    Have fun...