You know you're a Qbasic programmer when...

Ah yes, the marks of a true QB programmer are quite evident.  Here are a few:


block.gif (826 bytes) All of your 3.5 X 5" floppies are bereft of that small aluminum shielding from the magnetic disk.

block.gif (826 bytes) After seeing something repeat itself, you think about FOR...NEXT loops.

block.gif (826 bytes) Everytime you watch a movie, you try to replicate at least three events or seqences with a QB program.

block.gif (826 bytes) You habitually travel to the bookstore just to cath the latest edition of "        for Dummies."

block.gif (826 bytes) You spend four times longer on your homework because you try to program an AI to do it for you.

block.gif (826 bytes) You still think projects on the computer take less time than with paper and pencil.

block.gif (826 bytes) You think any word that begins with "Q" must have something to do with QB.

block.gif (826 bytes) You stop paying attention to people because you're thinking about your next game.

block.gif (826 bytes) You think biology is the study of a computer's BIOS.

block.gif (826 bytes) You think sociology is a dead science.

block.gif (826 bytes) You think C++ is for cheaters.

block.gif (826 bytes) When you get sick and bedridden, you take it as a sign to finish your latest program.

block.gif (826 bytes) You wish you were multilingual just so you could figure out someone else's program.

block.gif (826 bytes) To you, "multilingual" means you also know C or assembly.

block.gif (826 bytes) If you're not doing something directly interactive (i.e. TV, play, concert) your mind wonders to QB.

block.gif (826 bytes) Your idea of a sleepover involves using your neighbor's faster and better computer.

block.gif (826 bytes) You stronlgy believe that if God creatred the world in six days way back then, by now it should only take Him .000001362 seconds.

block.gif (826 bytes) You like to make up "You know you         when...." lists.

block.gif (826 bytes) A busy schedule and the lack of sleep are not deternets from getting onto the computer.

block.gif (826 bytes) You can't get on the computer "just to check your email" -- they'll be something you can unavoidably find to do.

block.gif (826 bytes) You catch yourself reading "You know you're a QB programmer when..." lists.

block.gif (826 bytes) You want to go home because no one else is there.

block.gif (826 bytes) You've ever entoned the phrase "I could use QB to make this better..."

block.gif (826 bytes) You begin philosophying with your computer.

block.gif (826 bytes) On a Freudian slip, you say your vehicle is a V8, 4.5 liter, 750 mega hertz beauty.

block.gif (826 bytes) You order reset buttons in bulk because 4-6 weeks is too long.


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