If you were a QBASIC RPG character

block.gif (826 bytes) You would be ripped in half by your digestive system for you discover with a sickening realization that you are merely a two dimensional creature.

block.gif (826 bytes) Everyone in your town keeps babbling on about how great their "demo" is.  You are baffled.

block.gif (826 bytes) Butterflies have overnight become an international health crisis.

block.gif (826 bytes) The sun sets in about three seconds flat.

block.gif (826 bytes) You find yourself only able to take one size step.  Your step size is completely invariable.

block.gif (826 bytes) Doing anything other than walking triggers some sort of musical note to begin playing.

block.gif (826 bytes) Your attire has the ability to change without warning.

block.gif (826 bytes) Road signs and houses all look the same from far away.

block.gif (826 bytes) There are three distinctly different looking people in your town, but about fifty people total.

block.gif (826 bytes) The thick forest ends about three feet from the ocean; between the two exists a beautiful, but thin beach.

block.gif (826 bytes) When other things die, instead of a corpse, a heart or diamond appears in its place.

block.gif (826 bytes) You can suddenly see the world in the "strobe light effect."  That is, you only seem to be seeing pieces of people's motion -- like a security camera operating at a low frame rate.

block.gif (826 bytes) You've got an annoying song in your head and you can't get rid of it.  Occasionally it changes, but it usually just repeats in an endless loop.

block.gif (826 bytes) No one will give you a straight answer about anything.

block.gif (826 bytes) All you wanted was a doughnut and you end up with the princess's (whom you've never heard of before) life as your responsibility.


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