CDPro v1.0 is here!

What is it?

Ever wanted CD-ROM audio control in your QuickBASIC programs?   The wait is over!  CDPro is a QuickBASIC library which allows you to do just that.  With CDPro the programmer can easily integrate CD audio control into his or her programs.  CDPro was written entirely in QB and compiled as a library using interrupt functions (INTERRUPTX).

Why do it?

To be honest, we've never heard of anyone looking for a program like this before.  However, we've always been looking for different ways to integrate musical tracks into games.  MIDI just isn't for some people.  For those, CD audio is a nice substitue.  We know we'll enjoy CDPro and hope others will too.

If you want another reason for its release, SWSoft hasn't been that active as far as releasing programs recently.  We hope to spark interest with this one.

So how do I get it?

You may download CDPro v1.0 by visiting the download page here.


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