The 10 Do's and Don'ts of QB Game making:

1   Include an option to disable the sound.
2   Have multiple levels with varying difficulty.
3   Test the delay speed on different machines.
4   Tell the user what keys to use or make them logical (arrow keys are always good). Trying to guess an acceptable form of input is not fun.
5   Include all necessary files needed to run the program in the ZIP (you'd be surprised how often this doesn't happen).
6   Have a method for skipping the intro screen.
7   Use EMS / XMS
8   Use assembly. (For increased speed)
9   Use INP(&H60) for keyboard handling instead of INKEY$.
10   "Give credit where credit is due."

1   DO NOT have a directory string which attempts to open all files from the directory "C:\QB45\JOE BOB'S QB GAMES\COOLDUDE\". Not everyone has the same directory structure as you do. (I've seen this DON'T more often than I'd like.)
2   DO NOT require a specific state of the NUM LOCK (or CAPS LOCK).
3   DO NOT poke to an invalid memory address.
4   DO NOT require the use of SBMIDI.
5   DO NOT require a key code to run the program and never tell anyone the code.
6   DO NOT ever use the keyword "PALETTE".
7   DO NOT ever, under ANY circumstance, use GOTO; no self respecting programmer would ever do such a thing.
8   DO NOT claim the copyright to the first ray-caster.
9   DO NOT use INKEY$ for games requiring smooth motion.
10   DO NOT claim "true 3D" unless you at least know what a cross product is.

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