The All Nighter


The All Nighter by Secret Weapon Software
Ah, yes, the unmistakable mark of a dedicated QB programmer: The All Nighter. Here at Secret Weapon Software "headquarters" (I use the term loosely) we occasionally dedicate an entire day's nocturnal hours to QB. So what does a good all nighter entail? Just follow our simple three step program and you too will be on your way to an All Nighter:
1 Coffee, lots of coffe in some form, preferably expresso. A good expresso machine can be purchased for not too much at any general store. One with frothing capabilities is good for a cappuccino, breve, or late. This allows the programmer to fully customize his/her beverage whose main purpose is to provide the brain with caffine. I myslef, enjoy a breve (use half and half instead of milk) with an added helping of Hershey's chocolate syrup (making it a mocha-breve). The real art to a perfect cappuccino-like beverage is a proper frothing technique -- approprate literature can be found at any coffee shop. Now that you have your fuel for the All Nighter, begin the work.
2 Before beginning work on a project, it is a good idea to have an agenda of some sort. That way, one doesn't sit starring at the screen thinking about what should be done next. It also helps move things along and lets the programmer(s) get in everything they meant to do. (i.e. 9-11 make sounds for new game. 11-1 work on tile engine, etc...)


Unless you're going solo, don't limit yourself to one computer, if possible. One computer per person is essential. Because this may be difficult to arrange, be sure to do so before hand. SWSoft has found that failure to accomidate each programmer with one computer means that while one programmer works furiously, everyone else is left to find something else to do. Brainstorming is a team effort, but actual coding is not.

So there you have it: a frustrating night followed by an exhausting day. One final tip: Be sure to have absolutely nothing planned for the following day; that is, of course, with the exception of sleep.


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