MicroBasic: A Working BASIC Compiler
Article Written by Jason Downey [FG/98]


MicroBasic is a BASIC language and compiler that generates tight executable files. It was developed by BlackLight for the purpose of learning the internal structure of a COM file and he has developed it to a very high level in terms of speed and usefulness. Currently, MicroBasic is being developed furthered by other people, including myself and Peter Radics.

The MicroBasic language features the most common BASIC commands such as PRINT, CLS, etc. but it yet lacks the feature to use variables yet. It also requires an ANSI-capable driver installed for it to use the colour procedure correctly. These, however, are minor details once one can see the speed and size of the generated code. MicroBasic can generate both EXE and COM type files.

The MicroBasic package consists of a variety of programs. MBC is the main compiler. RUNMBF and MBF_RUN, with the latter by myself, allows the written program to be compiled and run from the command line using one program. The optional MBX Editor allows people who have a grasp of assembly to write their own routines (even though people may have to hard code some the codes themselves because BlackLight has not implemented all the opcodes yet!). Another optional program, MB, made by Jorden BlackLight and myself acts as the integrated development environment (IDE) for MicroBasic. It looks very similar to the QuickBasic Editor. Another IDE, made by Peter Radics in Turbo Pascal, is also available but I consider it to be inferior to my IDE (sorry, Peter :-( ).

Try it out today!!

Product Summary:

Author: BlackLight
Type: Freeware
Source Available: Yes. E-mail author for password for zip file.
Web Site:


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