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Welcome to the HTML version of the Basix Fanzine! This user guide gives you information on using this HTML edition.


How it works

It is recommended that the Basix Fanzine be put in its own directory. Every once in a while, I will release a new issue of the Basix Fanzine as a zip file containing new HTML files, graphics and programs. This may or may not replace files already existing in your Basix Fanzine directory - if your unzip program asks if you want to replace a file, let it. This will then update pages such as Internet Resources which do not appear inside actual issues of the fanzine, and ensure that anything out-of-date is replaced.



This new HTML version is much better than text versions of the Basix Fanzine because:

And, as the Basix Fanzine is an internet fanzine, it made sense to assume that most readers had a web browser.


Other Info

All programs and graphics associated with an issue have a filename prefixed with the issue number. For example, 11lfndos.bas is from issue 11. Filenames are always shorter than 8 characters so users of all operating systems can use the Basix Fanzine easily. It also ensures that people using older DOS ZIP programs such as PKZip will be able to extract the files properly.


If you have any questions, please email

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