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The Basix Fanzine relies on the contributions it recieves from ordinary people like you - so, if you have an article or some source code you'd like to sumbit, please email it to - all contributions very gratefully recieved, so thanks in advance.

If you have any questions about submitting an article - for example, if you want to make sure that your article will be suitable - please do not hesitate to ask!

Contributions are accepted in a number of formats. The preferred format is HTML although you can submit documents in Word format, or just in plain old text format if you prefer. Feel free to include graphics - the new format of the fanzine means it is now easy to accommadate them, provided they are not too big! Please note that some of the formatting in your article may be changed to keep it consistent with the rest of the fanzine. In some cases files may be included separately (i.e. articles may not be pasted straight in to the issue's HTM file, they may be just put in with a hyperlink)

It helps me a lot if the font you use in articles is Verdana and any code is indented in Courier New, in the same way as in exisiting HTML issues. Please also refrain from ASCII art as it tends to bugger up when converted to HTML!

Articles and source code submitted becomes the joint copyright property of the author and the Basix Fanzine. This means that both the author of the article and the Basix Fanzine have the right to redistribute the article/source.

Remember - no articles, no fanzine :(


Please note that the editor reserves the right to edit or omit articles and source code recieved for inclusion in the Basix Fanzine.

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