Sleep via Interrupt
Thomas Laguzzi

The Sleep routine without parameters waits for a keypress, then release the control to your program. Some computer, after some SLEEPs, generates a beep every time the instruction is used, that's because the buffer is full… If you simply need to wait until a key is pressed, you can use the keyboard interrupt. Try this code: (load QB with the /L parameter)

DIM Regs as RegType       'Registers for the Interrupt function
Regs.AX = 00              'Interrupt service 00: return a character
Interruput &H16,Regs,Regs 'Call the Interrupt 16h, handled by the Keyboard bios

The function 00 returns in AX the Ascii value and the keyboard code of the key pressed. Here's a small file ASM for the ASM Sleep routine that you can use (Related file: SMSleep.obj,ASMSleep.ASM,ASMSleep.QLB)

.MODEL MEDIUM,BASIC ;QuickBasic uses the Medium model
.STACK 200h         ;Define our small stack
ASMSleep proc FAR   ;The SUB ASMSleep
Public ASMSleep     ;Make it pubblic to QB
MOV AX,00           ;Interrupt 16h service 0
INT 16h             ;Call the INTerrupt
RET                 ;Return to Basic
ENDP ASMSleep       ;End of the sub
END                 ;End of the file

The File included (OBJ) can be linked with the command:



If you want to run the file without link:


See the QuickLibraires section for more information

For use the ASM code in QB use this code:

Declare sub ASMSleep ()
Print "Please Press a Key"
Print "You've Pressed a key!"

This article originally appeared in The BASIX Fanzine Issue 16 from September 1999.