Headlines for January 4, 2000

Enhanced Creations Leaves QB

All good things must eventually end. On January 7, Petter Holmberg and Angelo Mottola posted the final update of their supreme programming site, Enhanced Creations. In their final message, they explained that they were tired of programming under the limitations of QB, and that their current projects would not be finished. This was a shock to most QBers, and the loss of the EC team is a horrible loss for the QB community. I can't tell you everyone they said here, so I really suggest that you read it for yourself at ec.neozones.com.

QBnet Happenings

QBnet, the site started by EvilBeaver to help QB newbies learn to program, and to have good regular 'ol QB site content is changing. B.E.D., hated by some, tolerated by others, liked by few (I'm one of those few) has taken over the site, because EvilBeaver seems to have lost interest in it. Let's hope that B.E.D. can return the site to it's former glory. Also, Pickering Software, also run by EvilBeaver, but still updated by him is looking for new recruits! Check out the site if you're looking for a programming team to join!

Visit QBNet | Visit Pickering Software

Rapid Basic Coming Your Way!

Rapid Basic, a FASTER, almost identical to QB (coding-wise) compiler called Rapic Basic is in the works. It's being made by JQB45 (Jeff), and looks very promising. The latest news on this compiler, according to JQB45:

"Rapid BASIC is actually being developed by me...The demo should be out later this month, hopefully sooner than later. Today the expression parser was finished. It now supports complex equations and functions as part of the expression. That was the last major hill to climb. Now all thats left is the Floating point math support, string support and to finish the last of the keywords 45 in all for the first release."

Rapid Basic