Headlines for January 4, 2000


Once upon a time there was a little boy named Tek. Tek was a good Qb programmer, and he started a little website called NeoZones Productions. Tek's site grew and grew, and got more famous and better by the day. One day, a little boy named ChUcK offered Tek free webhosting at quickbasic.com, and Tek took it. NeoZones Productions moved. Then one day, quickbasic.com went down for unknown reasons. A rich little boy named Marcade helped ChUcK put the site back up, but became very involved with the sites hosted by quickbasic.com. Everything was fine and dandy except for the fact that Marcade seemed to be very jealous of NeoZones. One day he hacked in to the site and posted news without asking Tek, and then wouldn't let Tek update his site. Marcade soon found out that people didn't like this, so he stopped. Then a boy named spacehog became friends with ChUcK. ChUcK didn't like Marcade having lots of power over the quickbasic.com hosted sites, so ChUcK moved the sites to spacehog's server, and Marcade didn't have power over the quickbasic.com sites anymore. This got Marcade mad. He wanted to have access to all the sites, but he wanted access to NeoZones most of all. Marcade offered Tek a domain name -- neozones.com -- for keeping NeoZones Productions on his server. Tek agreed.

About a month passed, and Tek had his site on neozones.com. Then Tek decided that he didn't want to keep his site on neozones.com anymore, so he moved it back to quickbasic.com, and ChUcK and spacehog's server. Marcade was very annoyed, because he had spent a lot of money to have access NeoZones. Marcade was also stuck with the domain 'neozones.com'. What was Marcade to do? Start his own Neozones site of course!

That's right. Marcade decided that instead of getting rid of neozones.com, he would simply start his own Neozones site. Marcade got a lot of his programming friends together, and gave them all access to neozones.com so that the site has many webmasters, and content will be added faster. Now Neozones.com and NeoZones Productions both exist, against Tek's will.

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The 'Gaz Needs Your Help!

The Qbasic Gazette from NeoZones Productions is getting revived. It almost completely disappeared over the last couple months because no one submitted anything! How is a 'zine supposed to survive without any submissions!?!?!? It's hard, let me tell you. Well, anyways, Tek asked me if I wanted to help him revive the 'gaz, and I agreed. I'm pretty much helping him get together submissions and potential writers, and to write stuff myself.

Anyways, if you would like to write an article on any QB-related subject, or have a regular column in the Qb Gazette, contact either email Pete or email Tek. Make sure that you mention what you want to do for the gazette. Remember, without your help, the Gazette will never come back!

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