Headlines for Oct. 13, 1999

3D Without Polygons or Voxels?

Tom Barbalet, an amateur programmer from Australia has developed a revolutionary new way of displaying 3D environments without using voxels or polygons. "The rendering itself employs a distinct means of displaying the horizontal scan and the depth of field. The single point approximation of the eyes used extensively in first person games, has been replaced by an angular horizontal scan." says the official site. As you can tell by the screenshot, this rendering technique is very beautiful, and the graphics files take much less space and processing power to load (but the actual process of rendering the graphics takes about the same amount of processing speed.) This rendering technique has not gone unnoticed by companies, though. Both Apple and Nintendo have considered using a modified version of this engine in their software! What's this have to do with QB, you ask? Up to recent times (before Xeno), QB had been limited to 2D games or faked 3D games like the Legend of Lith series. If a QB version of this engine was made, it could revolutionize the QB 3D engine design, and trigger the start of much better, 3D games.

For the full story, visit the official site.
For a demo of the program, click here.

Qbasic.com Sold

Yes, it's true. QBASIC.COM, called "the original QB site" by many has been sold. David Zohrob (Mallard), the site's webmaster decided to sell the site and domain because he no longer had time to update the site, and by not doing so felt he was doing a disservice to programmers. The site was sold on eBay last week for $2,325.00. The site itself and it's domain that gets over 400,000 hits/year were both sold as one package to the high bidder with the user name differentway. If you would like to see the eBay auction page (will only work for thirty days after the auction ends), click here.

QB:TM Stopped

QBASIC: The Magazine, by zkman has been stopped for unknown reasons. It lasted for a whole year, with twelve issues and quite a few mini issues. (It's all available in one .zip file here.) A goodbye message was posted on the site that thanked all of the main contibutors and the people that read the magazine. Finally, it told us that QB Magazines aren't dead, and QB:TM will be continued with a different name and editor. Terminator_Z is starting the Razor Diskmag, a "spiritual successor" to QB:TM, that will begin this month. To view the QB:TM page, click here.

No More SonicBlue Productions

BlueTek, the short lived QB programming metropolis WILL NOT be returning. BlueTek was going to return, but has been canceled. NeoZones is back up at it's previous location (http://neozones.quickbasic.com), but the old SonicBlue Productions site has been taken down permanently. This has been confirmed by SonicBlue. The site once famous for it's superb web design, 'best of the best theory of full file reviews' and the excellent Space-A-Roo series won't be returning. SonicBlue Productions was one of the best QB sites out there, and will be missed by QB programmers. Now if you go to http://www.sonicblue.com, you will arrive at the SonicBlue Network, a site design business by SonicBlue.