Headlines for Sept. 29, 1999

Blue-Tek Soon To Be Back In Business!

Yesterday, I decided to go to the NeoZones Qboard (the Disc app one, not the SonicBlue one), and noticed that quite a few posts had been posted recently. I cliicked on the link at the top of the page to see if the former NeoZones that we all knew and loved was back up at it's address neozones.quickbasic.com. This made me curious if NeoZones and SonicBlue Productions were going to become seperate sites once again, or if Blue-Tek was merely down for a few days while the old NeoZones site satisfies people's craving for...NeoZones. I asked SonicBlue via ICQ about this (on 9/28/99 at 10:44 PM), and he told me "I just got the domain working 10 minutes ago. If your ISP updates by GMT it'll work in 1.5 hours, then BlueTek will be back tomorrow." Oh goody So Blue-Tek won't be down for ever, I thought.

After I found out this, I asked Sonic one more question, this time about the board that if you didn't already know caused the old Blue-Tek site to be taken down in the first place because it's excessive use used too much cpu time on his server, and the server administrator complained. He said that they would use the old Disc Server board until he could "do s'more revamping on the system", and it wouldn't be back immediately, but the Blue-Tek site would be back very soon.

This is the information that I got from SonicBlue himself. Blue-Tek is still not back up yet, but it should be very soon. If you would like to visit where Blue-Tek should be in a few days, just click.