Headlines for Sept. 6, 1999

The Sixth Sphere

EvilBeaver, the head of Pickering Software announced recently that Pickering Software, a Canadian QBASIC programming company will be writing an RPG entitled 'The Sixth Sphere'.

The Sixth Sphere will be a sci-fi RPG, set almost three hundred years from the present. The program's graphics will be in good old screen 13, but the story line will not be linear. There will also be multiple endings and paths you can take along the way. The exact details are still being decided upon, but the coding will begin this month. Here is the beginnings of the story:

The year is 2269. It has been 300 years since man first stepped on the moon, and 250 since Mars. The Terran Confederation has colonies in systems from a Centauri to Barnard's Star and beyond. It has been 30 years since any war. All seems well in the Earth controlled space. But it isn't.

The secret Junction research facility has turned against Earth and is planning to overthrow the government. Of course, very few people know this. But you do. A government agent, it is your task to stop the conspiracy before something happens. You have some resources at your control, but not many - the less people on this, the lower the chance everybody finds out. But why have they rebeled against the government? Maybe when you find out, you will side with them.

Visit Pickering Software here.

Program in Qb -- Chicks dig it

Well, maybe not all chicks will dig you if you program in Qb, but this one sure will! James Robert Osborne (aka WisdomDude) is writing a platform game based on Gunstar Heroes (Genesis), Metroid (NES), and Contra (NES), but will be starring a chubby pink haired girl, with a gun in one arm (like Samus from Metroid).

The programming will begin as soon as James gets completely moved to his new house, but the graphics (as you can see) have already been started. Cyber Chick already has about 50 frames of animation for just her alone! She will be armed with a large assortment of guns, such as the ice beam (freezes enemies, and makes them harmless to you, and you can also use them as steps), and the spreader gun (bullets spread out as they move across the screen.) Expect this game in a couple months!

Visit WisdomDude's page here.

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