Headlines for July 24, 1999

CDOS v2.0 is coming...sleep tight

The next version of one of the best QBASIC operating shells to ever bless this earth is coming...and soon. I've gotten inside information directly from the author, Collin Donnell.

Click here to view the screen shot full sizeCDOS v2.0 will be an improved version of CDOS v1.4 with a simplified (but in my opinion, better) version of the menuing system, plus many new features.

If you already have a copy of an earlier version of CDOS, the first thing you'll notice from the screenshots are the MAJOR changes in menu and layout from past versions. The new layout has a simpler look and feel to it, but it makes the siimpler to use. CDOS v2.0 comes with Predefined Styles and a more customizable interface. WHen you run CDOS v2.0 for the first time, it will look like the first screenshot (ala predefined style sheet). After I customized it and moved the windows around, it looked like the second screenshot. That's cool. The new CDOS the interface is totally changed. The long window on the top left in the first screenshot serves the purpose of all of the menus that I used to have in CDOS. It, like the other windows is movable and easy to use, and is, best of all, bug free. It is better then having many clumsy menus to deal with.

CDOS II is going to be pretty much completely changed from the ground up, while keeping it's past features. CDOS II is going to act as more of a web browser for viewing CDOS Scripter programs which will be multitasked... The core program serves to run a lot of cool scripter programs. The scripting language is going to resemble a version of QBASIC with some windowing statements, keeping many QBASIC commands, but also having special CDOS commands. According to CollinD, any QBASIC programmer can learn CDOS in a few minutes.

CDOS v2.0 has not been released to the public yet, but will be soon. Look for it. CDOS v3.0 is also in the works, which will have many more improvements over this version, and will have all of the old features reincorporated.

Visit the CDOS webpage here.

Uncle Pennybags coming to QB?

That's right, Uncle Pennybags (or is it Moneybags?), the black and white Monopoly patriarch is coming to QBASIC. Secret Weapon Software is making a Monopoly game called Qnopoly using QBasic companies as the property. They need more people to sign up, and it's free advertising for your site/company. There will be two boards, the standard Monopoly board, and the QBASIC company board. Also, Secret Weapon Soft will be rating the sites in order from best to worst, like the Monopoly properties. This can't happen unless people sign up, so even if you don't have a site or company, spread the news. This game is very original, and everyone likes free advertising. :)

Go to this page to sign up your company!

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