Tuke Tile Editor beta Review

Tuke Beta

Author: MicrotripGenre: Utility
Size: 39 KBDownload:tuke.zip

Tuke Beta

First Impression Wow! I'm in n!Media. Oh, wait, I'm in Tuke. Not much to do...
What It's Like Your average tile editor. It's unfinished, and looks almost exactly the same as n!Media, even using some of Tek's code. Point and click to create tiles. *Very* original.
Other things you should know: This looks so much like n!Media and various other tile editors, that you can barely tell the difference.

The rating

Menu/Layout This has great graphics and a nice layout. It uses a good font, and a n!Media-like menu and font and stuff. It is organized well, though, with different sized fonts and stuff.
Usage Pretty simple. You point and click to do things. Type in file names, and that's it. Whaddya expect from a tile editor?
Flexibility/Features Not much at all now. There are two 'tools' that you can use in the edit menu. One is very original (I haven't seen it in a QB tile editor yet) and the other is in just about everyone.
Usability Standard BSAVE tiles. Simple, nice, easy. There is no code supplied, but if you call yourself a QBASIC programmer, you can load these tiles and palette.
Overall Impression Too n!Media-like. It looks, acts and works exactly like n!Media. Oh well. It can be good if it gets many new and cool features, but otherwise, it'll be another additon to the hundreds of other QB tile editors.
20/25 * 4 =