Portal-X Review

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Author: LiteSabr
Genre: RPG
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 52 KB
Download: portal-x.zip

First Impression This is one of the only QBASIC RPGs set in a present setting. There is the beginnings of a story in this, but your mission and motive is not very clear. You start by watching a short movie (one part of it is in the screenshot below.) You are some kind of hacker or programmer or something, and you are transported through a portal opened by your computer to another dimension, where you arive in a prison camp. The camp looks a lot like earth, but there are alien guards and a couple weird unearthly entities.
What It's Like Walk around, pick up items, etc., etc., etc. There are no fights in this game, but pesky purple alien gaurds warn you and transport you to other parts of the camp and stuff. You can do other things like go through sewers by way of manhole, sneak around through secret passages, and do other secret war camp like stuff. :P I didn't get too far, but this is a demo, so it can't have too much of a story. :)
Other things you should know There isn't really anything else that I should mention... This game is entertaining for a while. The only other thing I have to mention is that it has tile by screen scrolling. (Character moves tile by tile, viewing area moves screen by screen.)

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The rating
Graphics The graphics aren't the best I've seen, but do look cool for some reason. The main character has an oversized chin that hangs out like a...hmm... I can't think of a good simile for it, but it's a big chin. Jay Leno big. Huge. :) The rest of the graphics are standard QBASIC fare. They aren't as much like QB or NES RPG graphics, because the graphics are drawn to scale and look more like side scroller graphics, but they work for this game. :)
Sound Ther is no sound in this game.
Plot/Story Hmm... Interesting story, but it isn't scripted or told well. There's a picture of a guy at a PC. Next there's a simulated PC screen where a bunch of colored text shows him log in to some kind of network or program, and next he's sucked in to a portal. The speach, of which there is few is cool. (I like alien gaurds warning me not to leave my cell without a collar. :) It needs work, though.
Gameplay/Control Up and down, left and right. Simple as that. That's all you need to know for most QB RPGs. The menus are self explanatory. Just select and confirm or press the key for the option you want. That's it.
Overall Impression This is an average QB RPG walking demo. It shows a bit of story, a bit of eye candy, standard play control, and a bit of other stuff, some good, some bad, but most is average. Try it if you want. It's not revolutionary, but it does pass some time.
15/20 * 5=

Portal-X Screenshot