Review (2nd) Screenshot

Author: Peter Swinkels
Genre: Misc
Reviewer: Les (UnderWARE Labs)
Size: 133 KB
First Impression Editor's note: This review was written because he felt that the first review was "a might harsh". If you plan on understanding why this review was written, please read the original review.
I dunno if Mr Bokowski has written many programs, or to what abilities he lays claim... but I believe his review was a might harsh...
What It's Like The programmer obviously put some time into the game... sure it ain't Quake, but is a QB prog. I believe most of the reviewer's problems stem from the fact that his machine must suck. (Or, he ran it in a Window.) I didn't have any trouble with game. It played... somewhat bland... but again it's QB.
More like this rating I would say....
Other things you should know (None given.)

The rating
Graphics Although ASCII... they are at 80X50, and they scroll enough to create motion or an illusion of more than just shapes.   Not all too bad for TEXT only. NOTE: the author uses BLOAD to get and put complete information of the text screen... need I remind all QB'ers out there that this what BS/BL was actually designed for.
Gameplay/Control Uses the cursor keys... simple straight forward... space fires.  I also have a gravis pad... checked out the joystick play... not quite as good... multiple fires, and erratic movement.  - It may be my driver, may be the game.  It did need to have a stop position, unless it was the author's intent to keep the ship in motion at all times. The joystick needs work.
* 1/2
Plot/Story Well, I gotta say here, there isn't one beyond the obvious.  Shot the ships. I might add here that this game looked like it may have been written by a German fellow... I'll have to give partial credit just for translation to correctly spelled English... something alot of games written by English speaking prog'ers can't vouch for!
* 1/2
Sound Well, sound is somewhat lacking...  PC speaker "blips".  More like static actually. The sound definitely needs some help.
Overall Impression Good starter game... maybe not the best I've seen, but I've seen plenty worse.  There is some actual control. The ships do blow up. The shooter does move, and the menus, although not that necessary, are fairly well done.  The ASCII art work, is more reminiscent of Space Invaders or Missle Command.  Has possibilies, if tweaked and reworked some.
** 1/2

8.5 / 20 =