Error~8 Screenshot

Author: Agent Crisp
Genre: Fake Virus
Reviewer: Davidio
Size: 11 KB
Download: site (latest version) |*

First Impression What's this? A virus?! Hey Pete didn't tell me about this!!! HELP!!!! Oh, it's just a FAKE virus...
What It's Like You run the program, and it says it's about to erase your hard-drive. The process is much like Scan-Disk with little bars filling-up and stuff like that. It then tells you that it was a FAKE virus. There's also a neat ending image.
Other things you should know It's not a real virus. (duh...):-P

Error~8 Screenshot

The rating
Graphics ASCII graphics. I COULD give this an N/A, but the layout of the screens and the realistic DOS raise the score as dose the fact that all the screens havedifferent color schemes.
Sound I didn't hear any, but there may be, because my speakers don't play internal sound.
Flexibility/Features It's a fake virus. Beside giving you a heart attack,it has no other Features.
Gameplay/Control Hmmm... all you can do is enter a password. There's a screen where it asks you to push an 'access key', which you can only guess. Nothing else.
Overall Impression Well, it's a game that made my hair stand-on-end! If I look at the program itself, (as above) it dose very poorly. But, if I look at it from a player's point of view, I find it very cool. This is a good little joke to play on April Fools Day, or just for fun, because it is so realistic!
13/20 * 5 =

*Agent Crisp asked me to link to his site so that you ppl can get the newest version of this game. I put a link to the version that was reviewed and hosted by this site because it was already online, and you might just want to download what was reviewed, not an improved version of what was reviewed.