XBall 4

Title shot of XBall 4

Author: Soeren Dressler
Genre: Arkanoid Clone
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 253 KB
Download: xball4.zip

XBall 4
First Impression Hey, a German game, a really neat German game that is! Wow! A really neat Arkanoid clone, but better, and using the mouse! This is yet another amazing, and completed game I've seen in the QB community! You should download this game immediately, and see for yourself how good the game is!
What It's Like Well, you keep the ball above the bar, you control with the mouse, breaking the blocks above you. You get to collect all kinds of bonuses hitting certain tiles, and this is even better than playing SNES's Arkanoid Clone in my opinion! Games like these, makes me wonder why there isn't a lot out there, but I noticed more completed games, since libraries have came out!
Other things you should know When upzipping, you need to perserve the subdirectories for it, and the game is in German, but if you go to Altavista.com, and use the translator, you'll see what most of the text means. It doesn't come with source code, but it's made with QB v4.5, and DirectQB.

 Stage from XBall 4

The rating
Graphics The graphics are mediocre, but the game itself, is still an eye-candy, since it's so fun to play, but I really enjoy the nice touch of graphics looking like SNES graphics. The thing about this game, is it could use some nice background images (like SB Brick) to go nicely with the levels in the game.
Sound It has sound effects that work on my computer! The sound effects go perfectly well with the game! I like the "Oh no" sound effect the best! Hmmm music wouldn't be needed since the sound effects help me keep track of the bounces when I'm not using my eyes for a moment.
Flexibility/Features PERFECT! You heard me right, PERFECT! This game comes with a simple and easy to use level editor, and you can even edit the primary levels of XBall 4! You have High Scores, Credits, this game is ALMOST like being in a mouse-oriented GUI like Windows!
Gameplay/Control Mouse movements are a LOT better than using the keyboard on this, so I gave this a five.
Overall Impression Even this "Arkanoid Clone" beats the hell out of NES's Arkanoid, so if you liked Arkanoid, or Break-Out, GET THIS IMMEDIATELY!
24/25 * 5 =

The bonus level!