Wetspot II Review

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Author: Angelo Mottola
Genre: Arcade Game
Reviewer: James Robert Osborne
Size: 390 KB
Download: w2exe.zip

Wetspot II
First Impression Oops! better go load SBMIDI. Now we have music and sound! This game looks really neat! Wow, everything is well planned in this game! These graphics are really nice, and I like moving around and squishing enemies with blocks! This game is really fun! I better go tell my friends to download this game immediately!
What It's Like Let's see, it's like that Bugs Bunny game for Nintendo, where you push objects to kill enemies like Elmer, Sylvester, Daffy, but it's not a platform game. It's a game with an over-head view, (like a Role Playing Game). This game has the quality of a SNES game, and it's got a LOT of features!
Other things you should know This is probably the best game I've ever seen in QB, but if you're into secret codes, then I'll tell ya: push Ctrl + Alt + F5 for extra life. push Ctrl + Alt + F7 to freeze enemies, and push Ctrl + Alt + F8 to wipe out all the enemies! This is ONLY the EXE version. You can get the source from EC.QUICKBASIC.COM if you want to learn from the source. I can't get the source to run without error 14, but good luck to you, if you can get it to run.

Wetspot II Screenshot

The rating
Graphics Wow! These graphics are perfect for a game like this! I like the lightning effects, when you touch them. The blue lightning volt effect is pretty cool! You can even add your own graphics, when you make your own worlds!
Sound Perfect! I like the Lion King "I just can't wait to be king!" music on the first stage! The sound effects are really cool and they're the best sounds I've heard!
Flexibility/Features Perfect! you can change keys, change volume, you can even go to that setup and change some of the configuration and load external worlds! Wow! I can't even name all the features it has because there's so many! This game was meant for expandability for worlds and I think that's a really cool feature!
Gameplay/Control Perfect! You can even configure the keys or even add a joystick to this routine! You can even allow 2 players to get down on the keybaord and play one on one!
Overall Impression This game is truly the best damn game I've ever played! If you don't download this game immediately, and you don't have it, you're completely insane! I'm REALLY impressed with the settings of this game!
25/25 * 4 =

Wetspot II Screenshot