Peanut Patrol 2

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Author: Jason Gould and Nick London
Genre: Platform Game
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 94.7 KB

Peanut Patrol 2
First Impression This is awesome! I was playing with this demo a whole hour, and this game started it all for Cyber Chick! The possibility of a top-quality platform game in QB! Lots of backdrops, lots of animation, bigger enemies, this game looks so SNES like! Waterfall, slopes, springs, and the physics engine is absolutely wonderful!
What It's Like It resembles the old unforgettable classic games such as Mario, Sonic, Bubsy, but all packed into one! :) You collect red dots, and you try to make it to the other end of the level, and it's awarding to get a hi-score on games like these! =)
Other things you should know If you're into platform making, GET THIS GAME! It doesn't include source code, but if you're still a fan to play them, get it anyway! The game doesn't need sub-directories, so you can unzip with with PKUNZIP without the -D option. I doubt Jason or Nick want to continue making this, but this would be the best side scroller, if they would finish it.

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The rating
Graphics Perfect, plain and simple.
Sound N/A
Features/Extras Well, it sounds like a really promising game, but I doubt it will be finished, but right now, you can do a ton of stuff, such as throw CDs, walk around, jump on springs, kill the warms, will the birds, and feast on its physics engine.
Gameplay/Control PERFECT. ESC lets you quit, arrow keys move Peanut, Space Bar shoots out CDs, game keys aren't difficult. It can get addicting to mess with this nice demo, and it's a very fast one.
Overall Impression Cool effects and many features. Pretty neat, for a game that has good elements for a platform game, this is a must download!
19/20 * 5 =

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