PONG: Battle Royal

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Author: Bud The Fish
Genre: Enhanced Pong Clone
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 446 KB
Download: http://lightning.prohosting.com/~budfish/ [pongbr.zip]*

PONG: Battle Royal
First Impression Pong... Pong... Pong... It's an oldy. It's a goody. It's simple. It's fun. It's repetitive. At any rate, it's really gone out of style with all of the cool new console and PC games. But... The question was never answered -- what happens when you make Pong into a space shooter?
What It's Like This game, as you can see in the screenshots is a pong game. That big round circle is the ball that you must prevent from going off your side. The two rectangular-shaped objects on each end are space ships, belonging to various people/aliens. Each ship is different, with different bullets, speed, attack power and a different sprite for the ship itself. You fight your opponent, shooting bulles and missles at him, bouncing a big, gray ball back and forth. Doesn't sound too interesting? Well, it can be.
Other things you should know This game has a bunch of cool features. The features range from choosing the computer player's AI, the speed, your character, etc. The title screens and backgrounds in this game look good also. A lot of work has been put into this game, and the work stands out, mainly in the menus and features.

PONG: BR Screenshot

The rating
Graphics The menu and title screen graphics look excellent in this game! The actual in game graphics (the ships and the bullets and the ball) aren't the best. I'd say they are .. gasp .. average. But they are good enough for a pong game in 320*200*256 graphics! Good job here!
Sound There may be sound, but I can't hear it because my speaker's didn't work when I reviewed this program.
Gameplay/Control This is all pretty simple. You use the arrow keys for everything except for selecting and typing in your name for a high score. Up shoots small bullets up, down shoots one of your big missles, and left and right move your craft. It's simple and easy to use. Not very original, but I have no complaints.
Flexibility/Features This game has all the flexibility and features that a pong could ever need! There are a lot of menus with a lot of options to select from, plus a high score list, changing ships and bullets, different strengths and weaknesses of different characters, and other neat little things that add to the depth of the game's gameplay. (This game doesn't get too deep, though. :) There is AI also that you can choose by choosing the processor of the enemy's ship (IE: Calculator, AMD K-6 233 MHZ processor, etc.) .. But there are lots of changes and upgrades that I would like to see in it. More features always makes a game much better. :)
Overall Impression A lot of work was put into this game! It shows. The concept is pretty original, and there is enough gameplay to satisfy me. But this game could use a little bit of polishing still. Other than that, it's great!
17/20 * 5 =

Pong: Battle Royal Screenshot

*Bud The Fish asked me to link to his site so that you can get the newest version of PONG: Battle Royal, but I also uploaded the version that I reviewed. I suggest you get the latest version, but if you're some kind of freak who wants an older version of the game, get the zip file. :D