Mower Review

Mower Screenshot

Author: Aaron Severn
Genre: Arcade Game
Reviewer: Bud the Fish
Size: 36 KB

First Impression Neat. The first time I ran the program; I thought "How much fun couldyou have mowing a lawn?" After finishing the first round I thought "Cool!" The game takes an annoying chore and turns it into a fun little game to play when you are bored. It's perfect for late, nothing else to do, nights that we all get sometimes.
What It's Like You are in control of a mower. You must mow all of the grass in the yard, while avoiding the flowers, bricks, and fencing. Be careful though, the family dog wants to come out and play. You must mow as much as you can, without running over the dog. If you hit the flowers, the owner will come out and then you have to dodge her too.
Other things you should know Neat. It comes with it's own custom level editor. So you can play on whatever you like. It also has a two player mode so you and a friend can play together. When you first get the file though, you have to go in and edit where it changes the directory to. Otherwise it tries to go to the G: drive. Something that any QB programmer can do.

The rating
Graphics The graphics are smooth, and look nice. Flowerbed's look like flowerbeds, fences look like fences. It also has little to no flicker. Another neat effect is when you actually do run over a fence or flowerbed, it leaves behind a broken fence or a dug upflowerbed.
Sound No sound, Darn
Flexibility/Features The game in itself is not very flexible, but the fact that you can design your own levels makes it real nice. I also like the two player option. Few games have that nowadays.
Gameplay/Control The gameplay is simple. Just steer the mower round thefences, flowerbeds, dogs, and people. If you hit an inanimate object, you lose points. If you hit a dog or person, you lose a life and have to start over. Be careful of the dogs; they seem toenjoy jumping in front of the mower.
Overall Impression I personally didn't find a whole lot of joy in the game, but my little sister loves it. She played it a few times and now she wont stop bugging me. So I won't give it an extremely low score. The game is more for younger kids. Ages 6-14 kind of thing.
13.5/20 * 5 =