Bob Saget Killer 2000

Bob Saget Killer 2000 Screenshot

Author: M \ K Productions
Genre: Execution Sim
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 182 KB

Bob Saget Killer 2000
First Impression Bob Saget sucks, everybody knows that, and when I saw a crosshair and Bob Saget's ugly smile, I was thrilled! Heh, heh, heh...
What It's Like Bob Saget's ugly head comes up from the bottom of the screen. He says "My name's Bob Saget! I'm a stupid Gimp!" and the fun begins. You use your mouse to move your crosshair around to shoot (and eventually kill) Bob. There is good soundblaster music in the background, and you get to shoot Bob! You slowly blow away pieces of his head and shoulders until you get to shoot his heart to a bloody pulp! Very fun! This is a good game to show sceptical people the power of QBASIC.
Other things you should know Nothing really, other than the source is not included, but it has great features like soundblaster sound and great graphics!

The rating
Graphics Great graphics! The Bob Saget picture was taken directly from a webpage, dithered, made smaller so it would fit in 320*200 graphics and loaded up in QB. The cross hair is good, and the blood and title screen are very nice! Excellent job on these!
Sound Very funny! The game loads up silently, making you think this is yet another no-sounder, but as soon as Bob calls himself a 'Stupid Gimp', the circus music background song starts, you begin shooting, and you hear good bullet sounds, plus when you blow a piece of Bob's head or shoulders off, you hear that annoying sitcom laughing noise found in all annoying sitcoms like Full House. That's hilarious, since it uses Mr. Saget's own recipe for humor (well, I wouldn't call it humor) against him.
Flexibility/Features Flexibility and features? Not many, but it has one that I can see... you can blow off the body parts in your own order after you get the first half of his head gone. Not much here, though.
Gameplay/Control Simple, just point and click where you want to fire. No instructions needed. It's fast, easy and fun!
Overall Impression Definitely one of M \ K's finest works. It's funny, fun and easy! There is also great sound, plus very good graphics mixed with easy, simple game play. A very good program!
23/25 * 4 =