JdR-PacMan! :)

Author: Johan de Ruiter
Genre: Pac-Man Clone
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 65.1 KB
Download: jdrpac.exe

JdR PacMan
First Impression Aww no source code? That's ok. When I played this game, it was quite different from other Pac-Man clones. This one allowed you to choose different creatures as the character of the game. The graphics are nice and clean, and the enemies were quite slow, moving every second. This game can get really addicting, when you get a game over.
What It's Like Mostly, I play Pac-Man clones, when I'm really bored or have time. I would have to say it's unique from others. This is quite different from other Pac-Man games. You choose your color for the creature, and you eat red pills, avoid the enemies that come after you looking like arrows, and the display is quite different as well.
Other things you should know It doesn't come with source, but if you're a Pac-Man freak like me, get this game. :)

 Pac-Man help menu!

The rating
Graphics It could use another color scheme, and more detailed graphics, but they work ok. I do like the big LCD display on the bottom left. :)
Sound It has beep when eat red pills, and a bouncing effect, when you beat the stage. It was going to have music, but I guess not. This is all on the PC speaker.
Flexibility/Features The features are expanded as well. You get to type in your name to make it on the high score list, and you get a good help section with this. You get to view credits, and the nice menu has a vertical scrolling starfield.
Gameplay/Control The game itself, uses INKEY$ for movement, which is ok, but it's a little irritating how you control a character with INKEY$ having a delay effect because INKEY$ was made for typing. INP(&H60) would have been better as the user imput, to control the creature.
Overall Impression It's an ok PacMan clone worth looking, if you're into Pac-Man clones, but it's probably best to download it, if you're bored. If you want a challenge, get this! You may find it hard to get to the last level. :)
17/25 * 4 =

The PacMan game itself! :)