Hackman 3 Review

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Author: James Robert OsborneGenre: Action Game
Size: 434 KBDownload:hackman3.zip

Hackman 3

First Impression Hackman is back and better than ever in the third addition to one of the best series of games QBASIC has seen! Hackman 3 is basically an improved copy of Hackman 2, just with much, much more stuff! This truly is a great game!
What It's Like This is a Pac-Man game. If you haven't heard of Pac-Man, you've been living under a rock since 1980. It uses standard keys and commands, mixed with great graphics and great sound and TONS OF FEATURES!!! Scroll down to the bottom picture to see the menu. Wow.
Other things you should know: This is basically a VERY improved version of Hack-Man 2. Now, there are up to four screens in each level, and many more graphics and sounds and stuff. The only thing that I noticed is that this program runs a little slower than it's predacessor, (sp?) Hack-Man 2. You'll welcome the speed difference, though, because the levels in this game are so much bigger and complex and...well...harder.

Hackman 3 Screenshot

The rating

Graphics These graphics aren't really anything special, but the fact that there is so much animation makes the graphics really stand out from other QBASIC games! Almost every single tile is animated, and it's really cool. :) Almost all of the level graphics move. There are tiles that have waves of color go through them, weird designs that flash and move around... There's even a tile that spells out H-A-C-K-M-A-N. Neato. Also, after you die, a picture of Hack-Man's face flies around, bouncing off the screen and exploding after a few seconds. :)
Sound This song has a lot of nice background music that is peppy and upbeat. The music gets faster after you eat one of the infamous 'big dots' that allow you to eat your enemies (the ghosts)! There are also sounds associated with the level graphics, like the 'blip' sound when you eat the dot, or the chewing sound you hear after you eat a ghost. :P The best sound, however is after you close the program, you hear the baby from Animaniacs, who is always cared for by her pet dog say her line "Okay, I love you, bye bye!"
Features/Extras I've already talked about all of the features and extras and flexibility of this program. Take a look at the bottom picture, of the main menu. Those are all features. If you click on one of the features, it activates a "link" to that section's page, kinda like a website. :P
Gameplay Pac-Man may not have had the best graphics or sound at it's release in the early 1980's, but it did have one thing that many other video games lacked -- great gameplay. This continues the Pac-Man tradition with equally good gameplay, plus has almost unlimited replay value. This also adds all of those features that I have mentioned many times in this review already.
Overall Impression This is one of the best QBASIC games that I have ever seen. It's almost perfect, and is fine tuned and fine tuned some more after that. Download it. Now.
25/25 * 4 =


Hackman  Screenshot