Hack-Man 2

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Author: James Robert Osborne
Genre: Pac-Man Clone
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 364 KB
Download: hackman2.zip

Hack-Man 2
First Impression Wow, this game is excellent! Look, it's me - Pac Man, just in a different game with tons more features than the original! Hundreds of little features and things that you can edit to fit your preferences overwhelm this game - it's great! The graphics are awesome, the WAVe sound is perfect, and everything else is very nice...this is a great game!
What It's Like Um... let me see... How do you explain Pac Man? Everyone's played it already... You're a little ball that has to eat all of the little dots on the screen before the ghosts kill you... that's about it. The only difference in this game from the original is the title, and the improved graphics, sound, addition of many new features...wait... this game is a lot different from it's humble arcade and Atari 2600 beginnings.
Other things you should know Excellent game. Features galore, excellent WAV sounds, nice graphics...I can go on and on... There's an excellent text file with everything you'll ever need to know that I added to the zip (before you had to download it seperately which was a pain.) The only imperfections that I found were that you moved a little too fast, and the AI isn't completely effective, but everything else is top of the line.

Hack-Man 2 Screenshot

The rating
Graphics The graphics are great in this. The background is animated, and everything is nicely shaded and set up. This was done very well. My favorite part is when you die, there's a really cool animated sequence where Hack-man spins around in circles. It's pretty good for a QB movie!
Sound MIDI background music and WAVs make up Hackman 2's sound, and they do a very good job at it. Most actions that you can do in this game have a sound to go with them, plus there is always the background music to top it off. This doesn't get full points for sound because they are not the best, but are very good.
Gameplay/Control Point and click on menus, arrow keys move Hackman. What did you expect in a Pac Man clone? True-tested in commercial games, and it does the job nicely.
Flexibility/Features Perfect! Look at the bottom screenshot to see all of the extra stuff added in to the game to make it nicer, plust there is extra gameplay aspects, like warp tunnels and an animated background. For all the features you'll ever need, just hit escape!
Overall Impression An excellent clone of the original arcade game released in the early 1980's. Excellent job on every aspect - this is a must download!
24/25 * 4 =

Hackman 2 Screenshot