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Remake of "JAW in Attacking Earth's Food Supplies" (2006 - TµEE co.)

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 6:54 am
by MikeHawk
It's been a while since I've coded anything in QuickBASIC, and in order to ease things out, I decided to look into existing games that could easily be remade in a matter of days. The author or JAW was so eager to have someone rewrite his code I felt compelled to do it. The original source features everything you expect from "first big games", with extensive use of GOTOs and GOSUBs, sprawling menus code, almost non existing arrays, etc. The code was rewritten from scratch and features a few things that the original lacked: constant framerate regardless of the computer's power, better controls, a few extra animations here and there, etc.
I opened a page on NeoCities, and had to cheat a bit to circumvent the "no archive, no executable" policy. Hope they won't mind too much.