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Post by sid6.7 » Sat Aug 27, 2005 1:49 am

say why dont you make an account here so we can PM
you alot of this could be easier if we could respond to
you privately...

took care of the duplicates, will have to ask about switching
catagories i havent got that far yet...

why you have to hit some of your commands twice
is you have 2 INKEYS going at the same time i think here:

you do the first one under your beginning menu
then you do a second right after that...i think...
so it needs you to hit the command twice to get thru it...

some one help me on could remove the first one?

LOCATE 20, 20
PRINT "Zodiac Battles"
PRINT "Press 'i' for instructions"
PRINT "Press 's' to start game"
PRINT "Press 'z' to view animal data"
PRINT "Press 'w' to view weapon info"
PRINT "Press 'x' to quit now(you cannot quit during a game)"
key$ = INKEY$
LOOP UNTIL key$ <> ""
CASE IS = "s"
GOSUB options
CASE IS = "i"
GOSUB instructions
CASE IS = "z"
GOSUB animaldata
CASE IS = "w"
GOSUB weapond
CASE IS = "x"
GOSUB endsection

as for the battle menu
you print at the bottom of the screen
the 4 different attacks with this format
playerX: normal /BLAH /GOO /MOO

so a person would think the attacks are made
by pressing B G or M (if they dont read the rules)
which really are (q w e r) for player 1 and (u i o p)
for player 2....

somehow this should change really or something should
change.....maybe something like (q)normal (w)whatever
(e)whatever (r)whatever...gets printed out to screen

look on your weapon switch
its printed weapon ON/OFF (y/n)

if you hit Y it should turn it ON but it turns it OFF
and visa versa...

you have them switched i think....

if you make an account then you can PM the code (ill check it)
to me before you put it up in the downloads again....

as for some graphics i'm not a graphic guy yet you'll have to ask the
group for help on that...

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