Uploading problems...

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Harry Potter
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Uploading problems...

Post by Harry Potter » Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:16 pm

I tried to upload two programs to this site but got an error message. It wasn't even a clear message: it was the source code of a HTML page. :( Can anybody help me?

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Post by burger2227 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:58 pm

You cannot upload to the site anymore.

Get yourself a Drop Box account and post the links to your stuff in your posts. It is simple! Download their software and put your programs in the Public folder to share. Then they will back up those files so that you can access them from anywhere with your user name and password.

I'll send you an invite so we both get extra storage.

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Post by angros47 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:05 am

Wow, Harry, you are alive!

I'm glad to see you are coming back.

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Post by AmyJNelson » Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:42 pm

I mostly prefer filezilla to upload site. Filezilla Client Software Download FileZilla_3.5.1_win32-setup.exe Show details file (recommended) and install this software on your system. Always create a desktop icon for this software so you can easily upload your website files.
See the photo below. Now you understand what to do next?
Enter host IP address in the first box - This IP address will be given by your web server at the time of web site hosting, or better ask your provider to send this information via e-mail.
Enter your user name provided by the web server.
Enter your password provided by your web server.
Then click "QuickConnect" button. That's it.

See the first image to IP host address - Username - Password and click "QuickConnect" to load the web page files to your web server.

Enter Host IP - user name - password to upload your website files
Host IP - Username - Password - Live Demo

See the second picture on how to upload your files via website Filezilla client software.

You see the third row of the screen. If you think this picture is too small then click on the image to view full screen.

Upload Website Files
Upload Website Files

In the third row on the screen of the program Filezilla. On the left side of your website files on the computer screen to load. On the right side of the Software Filezilla to see some existing files, the files are used primarily to save the files on the server and the images of your website. These files will help you upload your site files and also make your site visible on the web.

Now they come to the right of the screen Filezilla Client Software - In the third row - Click on the public_html folder. Because this file will only exist in the future. Public_html folder opens on the right before uploading the site files.

Another important thing you have to save all files on the site, as well as images in a folder. After opening his Filezilla software simply click on the folder and open, now you can see all the pages and images on your site in that folder and now starting to upload the files by selecting them one by one and right click on the file (the pages of your website) to see the small option menu is open. The first option is to go. Just click the option again and again to load up all files on the website and the images of Filezilla Software or you can select all files at once and right click - open options menu, just click the option to upload your files to upload

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