Turn QB Forum threads into *.PDF files for reference

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Turn QB Forum threads into *.PDF files for reference

Post by Kiyotewolf » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:44 pm

Want to keep track of all the useful info in the QB forum?

How about this.
It's a free service, absolutely free, and it even embeds URL's as clickable links, so you can refer back to the original source, while you're viewing it on your "generic ibm pc compatible junk box tower computer of awesome."

(h)ttp://www.pdfmyurl.com <- please copy/paste & remove the ( ) to make the link clickable. Html tag crippled on purpose.

NOTE THIS IS NOT ADVERTISEMENT, this is simply an absolutely free cloud based service, which should not be overlooked.

My recommendation, is go to the beginning of the SAVE AS [filename] and write in all CAPS a short few word synopsis of what the URL is you're *.PDF'ing. That way, you can know what it is at a glance.

The way it names the files, is it encodes, or escape codes, the entire URL of the source document, in the filename, so instead of deleting that, you can insert your msg-to-self, your own personal LOOK@LATER msg to yourself, and grab from a glance again later.


Because the QB Forum does not contract it's [(c)ode] tags, when you capture a URL of a thread from the QB Forum, you should have the entire source readable, when you go to view the *.PDF again.

ALSO, *.PDF's are viewable on many tablet-like devices, you can take your study materials with you!

I had one more thing to say but it escapes me. :shock:
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Post by Mentat » Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:04 pm

Can't browsers save webpages as pdfs?
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