Well, shit!

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Well, shit!

Post by anarky » Sun Jun 24, 2007 8:20 am


I haven't been here since God knows when, but I'm here now.

Just an update from me for QBExpress #23:

"News from the QBasicNetwork Administration:
I am closing down the main site, now administered by Phalaris Entertainment. All sub sites including BlobWorld Comics, QBNetwork Stuff and the brand new FB-World will be moved to their own domains by the end of the September 2007.

On a higher note, I wish to announce that FB-World.com will take it's place as my new home and (hopefully) a very friendly window for the world to see what FreeBasic is and why they NEED to have it.

As for games, in issue #16 (I think) We announced that work on 'Legend of Aquarius' had commenced. At this stage, the project is halted due to real life issues involving family life and court proceedings. If all goes well, By the end of September 2007, work will commence once again on it.

'Genesis' has been dropped. why make an RPG engine so complex if only you will use it? Nobody was interest in it, since they wanted to make their own engines.

'Orbs of Infinity' will also be made, but not until 'LoA' is finished. It will no longer be as huge as originally planned, but should offer a good 20+ hours of solid gameplay. This means the scripting has to be stripped down by about 75% - yes, there was a lot of it. Perhaps in the distant future a 'Director's cut' will emerge...

The project known as Brainfreeze is nearly finished, but I haven't had time to work on it as I mentioned before. I have been doing other stuff online also to hone skills needed to finish it.

A new IRC network has been created, consisting of 5 or 6 servers, myself one of them. It's called SpazNet, headed by Jake Myers, aka spaz. irc://irc.spaznet.net/spaznet ... We welcome your custom.

Also home to this network is RedBall, my new IRC bot - a bot designed for the masses. You will periodically see it in action on SpazNet. Just /msg King_anarky .

That about wraps me up for the last few months, and hopefully for the next few. I will also try to be an active contributer to QBExpress once again.

Just for now, you can see what goes on in my life at http://www.qbasicnetwork.com/fbworld. I look forward to your custom.

>anarky - Screwing with your reality since 1998."


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Post by Pete » Sun Jun 24, 2007 2:24 pm

Cool, thanks for the update!

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