My Tutorials On 3d Stuff

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My Tutorials On 3d Stuff

Post by AXDX » Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:20 pm

Well like many programmers of QB, I have tried for many years to make neat 3d programs that are:

1. Cool looking
2. Not too hard to make
3. Not too complicated
4. Not too simplistic
5. Cool looking

Well I'm doing some tutorials on the *secrets* I have gleaned through hard experience over the years. I have one tutorial so far, I hope to add others.

So check it out!!

<a href="">Click here!!</a>

if the link cannot be clicked for some weird reason, the site is:


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Post by MystikShadows » Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:40 pm

PRetty good stuff in my book.

I think there is knowledge there aand the way it's presented I think reaches me, the way I liked to be reached, with humor (how do I build a 3D wall and how do I really build a 3D wall I like this transition lol).

I enjoyed the tutorial, and I want the 2nd part like yesterday hehehe. Good work.
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Post by Jinroh » Thu May 28, 2009 6:30 am

Very nice tutorial. Very useful for beginners, creating a sector based 90's style 3D engine is quite the lost art. At least as far as coding it all in software is concerned.

Now that Wallace (of Wallace Software) has abandoned his Inspiration engine I hope that we will see some progress on other 90's style engines in BASIC due to your efforts.

His engine despite the fact that it was indeed a raycast engine didn't operate on the same principals at least from the demos I saw. He used animated bitmaps for doors and windows. As well as using heightmapping for raised floors and lowered ceilings. Though he did it well enough presentation-wise that it was very good.

I'm not really the target audience here, but I think you covered all the main points and beginners or people who are just plain lost at coding anything 3D will be quite thankful for your time and effort. You just need to add a few more things and they'll be ready to fly on their on accord.

Kudos and congrats.

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