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QMunication V4 releases

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:32 pm
by qbasicfreak
I have decided to change the name of my program fron "chat" (boring! :D )
to "QMunications".

You can read the review here: ... &filecat=1

Or download it here: ... loadid=430

All the updates are listed in the "login.bas" file.
The login.bas file is the first file in my program so start the program from login.bas.

If you have any problems/suggestions/comments/or wish to give me more phrases to add please post them. I really want some feedback!


Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:10 am
by qbasicfreak
I fixed some major glitches in the program. It all works now. The download link has been updated so you will download the newest copy.

Pease post your comments! 8)