Prompt Critical - Official Release

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Prompt Critical - Official Release

Post by syn9 » Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:46 am

2.5 Weeks in the making. I bring you PROMPT CRITICAL! my space shooter mini game

download link:

Image Image

--------------- from the readme.txt

Prompt Critical
by Daniel M Kennedy (syn9)
syn9 [at]


released 22 Sep 08

Programmed in FreeBasic -
Uses OpenGL and Fmod.


This game was created as a mini game to get me back in the spirit of
coding after spending 3 months under the atlantic ocean. I started it
on Sep 4th. So its been roughly 2.5 weeks in development. I hope you
all enjoy it. You're welcome to contact me if you have any comments,
questions, or criticism at the above addresses.



- How to play this game -

If its red, shoot it! Or else it will kill you.
If its blue shoot it! Because it's a power up.
when in doubt, shoot it anyways!

- Controls -

Mouse Looks, Left Click Fires, Right Click to switch weapons

- HUD -

Health - Outter lefthand bar
Clock - Inner lefthand bar
Ammo - Inner Righthand bar
Shield - Outter Righthand bar

- Credits -

Programming - Daniel Kennedy (syn9)
Game Engine - syn9
3D Models - syn9
Music & Sound FX - syn9
Game Design - syn9
Assistant Game Design - Quinton Roberts (Eclipzer)
Game Clock - Eclipzer
OBJ Model Loader - syn9 / Dr_D
Beta Testing - Eclipzer / Deleter

- Shout Outs -

Eclipzer, v1ctor, Topa, Aenyn, Rel, Alias, Lachie, Marcade
Deleter, HexDude, Kiz, BadMrBox, Cha0s, SSC, Pete, bje990


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