QB Express possible future

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Matt Merkulov
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QB Express possible future

Post by Matt Merkulov » Thu Feb 07, 2008 5:57 am


I am Matt Merkulov, several years ago I have run a QB site "Fomalhaut Software" with a collection of QB soft and links, maybe you remember.

I running free online magazine for Blitz languages myself, you can see it at http://blitzetcetera.org, though all content is in Russian. It was started under inspiration of QB Express, as I programmed in QB for many years and still reading QBE. And I think I found perfect solution for magazine management. At least it much more convenient and with much bigger potential than plain HTML building (even with script compilers) for my sight.

It's MediaWiki CMS (Wikipedia OpenSource engine).

What benefits it brings?
* Ability of every user to create and edit pages. And good suppressing techniques for vandalism.
* No compiling anymore - just plain editing of articles and structure using fast and easy wikisyntax.
* History of corrections - nothing can be irreparably deleted or wrecked, there's always easy undo procedure.
* Easy upload of images (and other files)
* Lots of extensions and ability to create own to expand the functionality.
* Account system with wide variety of user settings including design selecting. Though by default users can contribute even without registering.
* Lots of administrating tools and service pages including statistics.
* Built-in search engine
* Protection for pages and user rights system
* Template system that allows to include page or part of it in others.
* System of categories.
* Convenient and time-saving system of correction control.
* And many more great things...

What you can manage with all this?
* Categorized list of magazine articles with author template system
* Issues built from those articles (if someone will correct certain article, it will be automatically corrected in the magazine)
* Catalogue of source codes with short explanation, and other info
* Catalogue of QB/FB projects with short and detailed descriptions, screenshots, links, info cards, etc
* Gallery of QB/FB demos' screenshots
* Wikihosting for QB/FB projects
* Code highlighting in articles
* QB/FB manual with articles for commands, that can be accessible via clicking on operators in code.
* FAQs
* Personal pages for users with some kind of portfolio
* Discussion pages for everything above
* Everyone can write an article, add code, etc at any time he wants
* Everyone can fix errors

So, I suggest moving QB Express to this CMS for the sake of its development and growth, because it's very sad for my opinion to see that QBE is fading...

If you agree, I will be glad to help you (for free) with:
* Installing and configuring MediaWiki engine
* Installing and setting up extensions for the mag's needs
* Installing design or make your own
* Setting up a category / template system
* Transforming articles to wikisyntax and uploading them to the database and also upload images

This surely will attract a lot of people to the project.

With best regards,

Matt Merkulov
Posts: 2
Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:46 am

Post by Matt Merkulov » Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:04 am

No answers? Hmm... Anyway if anyone (if not Pete or Imortis then maybe one of magazine's readers) want to work on this suggestion, contact me via email MattMerkulov at gmail dot com or ICQ 392274050.

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