My dummy level tutorial for FreeBASIC (game design oriented)

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My dummy level tutorial for FreeBASIC (game design oriented)

Post by Lachie Dazdarian » Fri Oct 05, 2007 9:07 pm

Download: ...

Actually, this is one of my older tutorials, but because of big changes with FreeBASIC version 0.17b it took me a while to find motivation to rewrite the tutorial so it would compile in the latest version of the FreeBASIC, as well as to fix many mistakes (outdated info) present in the tutorial.

Anyway, it's a dummy level tutorial for FreeBASIC whose tone might be annoying to those experienced in QB, but it is a great guide on how to start making games in FB. It introduces all the initial and necessary statements you'll need to continue coding 2D games you coded in QB, as well as links to FreeBASIC, FreeBASIC Wiki, and two FreeBASIC IDEs. The tutorial includes 2 nice examples which contain all the information you need to know of the very start of using FreeBASIC and its built-in graphics library, saving you a day or two (if not more) of headaches.

Once more, it?s a game design oriented tutorial.

To QB-only users:
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Post by BDZ » Fri Oct 05, 2007 10:19 pm

Sweet! I'm developing an rpg engine in QB right now, but once I finish the game I plan to make with it, I'd like to port it to QB. I'm sure this will be a big help.

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