Advance.PUT - PUT to BMP conversion utility

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Advance.PUT - PUT to BMP conversion utility

Post by Nodtveidt » Mon Nov 29, 2004 6:55 pm

Okay...this was brewing over in the freeBASIC forum...since most everyone's probably going to be moving on to FB once it's widely available, and since there's very little in the way of a PUT to BMP converter, I spent today developing this. It's a first release, so it might have a few bugs in it, but other than the documented one (which I can't squash right now, and it's not even all that big a deal), it should work without fail. It will load PUT files of any size, including multiple image PUTs with different sized images. It will also load PAL and APF files, as long as they're PAL1024 format. I'll add the other palette formats later on, as well as other features I have in mind.

Advance.PUT did this with bounce.put from PP256:


(I converted them to PNG format in PSP7, as Advance.PUT doesn't yet export PNGs, but you get the idea.)

Anyways, I've released it now to the public, so feel free to check it out. this is the complete installer, complete with all VS98 SP6 runtimes required (1.92MB) this is the minimal archive for those who don't need Visual Studio runtimes (125KB)

Hope someone out there finds this useful.

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