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QB Express Issue 4 Delayed Until Saturday

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 12:32 am
by Pete
Due to a lack of submissions and a lack of time on my part, I have decided to push back this issue of QB Express until Saturday, November 20th.

This will hopefully allow enough time for some major tutorials and articles to be written, which have currently missed the deadline.

Right now, I have the following articles for the next issue:
  • * The QBCPC 2004/2005 Needs Entrants! - Adigun A. Polack
    * Interview with RelSoft - Piptol
    * Interview With Na_th_an - Piptol
    * LensFlares - RelSoft
    * Pixel*Tile Scrolling Engines - DarkDread
    * Data Structures & Algorithms: Pathfinding I - abionnnn
    * QBNow! Chapter 5 - Neo Deus Ex Machina
    * Bobby The QBasic Maniac Comics - Matt2Jones
And I'm still waiting on the following articles:
  • * GUI Series Part 2 - VonGodric
    * QB Scripting (Part 2) - Chaoticmass
    * A game review - Oz (?)
    * FreeBasic Article - Blitz (?)
    * SCREEN 13 Manipulation Tutorials - Nemesis (?)
    * Blast From The Past! - Pete
    * Gallery Article - Pete
    * QB / DOS Emulation Article - Pete
I don't know for sure how many of those are actually going to come in... but I'm hoping the extra few days will buy enough time for at least some of them to get done. And also, I have a lot of stuff to write still, and I won't have time to do a good job writing any articles until Friday or so.

I'm also still looking for QB news items, especially stuff that hasn't been published anywhere else. Let me know if you have any announcements!

And for all of you who were looking forward to seeing Issue #4 today, sorry. I'd rather release a good issue on Saturday than a bad issue now.

Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2004 11:30 pm
by barok
If you want some news, then i guess i have some... only because your desperate for news, cuz i wouldn't really consider this news.

MrBadBox and I are working together to make an rpg. It's gonna be your run of the mill ff6 wannabe.

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:10 am
by marinedalek
Argh! I forgot to do my ASM tutorial. I'll try and get it together for next issue. Sorry!