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New Trampoline Gunmen Game!

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2005 11:16 am
by QB News
<p align="right"><b><font size=3>September 24, 2005</font></b></p>

<p><font size=3><b>New Trampoline Gunmen Game!</b></font></p>
<p><font size=3>Another TG release, this time featuring 4 player support.</font></p>
<p>After a rather long hiatus, John Szczepaniak has again programmed another TG game, called <b>Trampoline Gunmen: Quadro</b>. This time it's an exclusively multiplayer game that features up to 4 players simaltaneously, on one keyboard. Like all of of his QBasic TG games, it was programmed entirely in pure QB. It can be found in the arcade section of <b></b>, alongside <b>TG: Turbo Deux</b> and <b>TG: Minigame$</b>. These titles form the ultimate TG Trilogy set, at least until some of John's more grander designs can be implemented in future versions. If anyone is interested in porting them homebrew style to other systems, the author encourages them to contact him via email. Otherwise, enjoy!
<br>For more information, visit this thread: <a href=" ... ?t=1033</a>


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<a href="">John Szczepaniak</a>