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Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS

Posted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:41 am
by Pete
[html]<p><strong>Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS</strong> -- Posted by <a href="">Pete</a> on October 19, 2008<br>
Pete's QB Site is now a decade old!<br><br>On the rainy day of October 12, 1998, Pete's QBasic Site was born. I was thirteen years old, and never expected that ten years later this website would still exist, or that it would still be updated. But here I am, here you are, and Pete's QBasic Site is still alive and kickin'!<br><br>You can read an article I wrote about the past ten years of Pete's QB Site in <a href=" ... years">the latest issue of QB Express</a>.<br><br>Also, this site was featured a few days ago on the front page of <a href=" ... es/">Share QBasic or it dies</a>. A user posted a link to the <a href=" ... .shtml">QB Philosophy</a> section, where several visitors shared their answers to the question: "Why do you still program in QBasic?" It sent thousands visitors to this site, and spurred a great discussion where people shared some of their own QBasic memories.<br><br>Here's to another ten years! See you in 2018!</p>[/html]

Posted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:11 am
by Mentat
Congrats. Image

Posted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:00 pm
by TmEE
Happy anniversary :D

Posted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:22 pm
by Lachie Dazdarian
When I was seventeen...

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:34 pm
by BadMrBox
I'm a bit late on this one but damn... time flies doesn't it?

Congrats on Ten Years!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:23 pm
by Morpheus
I probably will see you in 2018. I like this site very much. There is very useful information here. There are also some very smart people, who know what they are talking about(burger227, he helped me and it worked great, thank you).
I use this site as much as i can in between classes. Keep up the good work. There are still people reading and visiting this site. Some of the games are pretty neat. Hope to post a game one day.

from that argument that pete pointed out:

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:20 am
by choasruler5151
this is why we use Qbasic to this day:

RyanKelly: NOT (This OR That) In the landscape of programming languages, Quick Basic resides upon a mountain, surrounded by mists, and insulated from the world beyond.

At a far extreme, on the other end of the world, should you travel that far, you will find the most intelectually eloquent language ever invented, LISP. In the realm of LISP, from the Basic programmers perspective, things look strange and soft. Symbols are tangled and twisted, and yet somehow slowly unfold under the light of reason. From the high refuge of Quick Basic, LISP doesn't even look like programming. Only the long journey down the mountain and across the wilds of deformed and crippled scripting languages can shape your eyes to see the beauty of a LISP proccessor as it slowly meditates upon itself, always looking inward upon its own mathematical truth. But that is a far way off.

Within view, upon a craggy spire of hard rock, many have seen C. Encrusted upon brittle rock, it is etched by the flow of magma, continually belching sulphur and cracking into new formations. It is a land of iron, maleable and refinable. It is a land of legend and of simplicity. It is a place where a rock is a rock. Nothing moves without being moved. Pascal, within a country park, is tended by blind gardeners. They care not for the fruit, only for the plant. Their lawns are manicured like model train landscapes, and all sign of contruction is carefully hidden, and it a general rule of the garden that nothing may be taken back to the world beyond.

In the low lands, near the sea lanes of commerce, we can see the cities, some covered in soot while other glitter with novelty. Here we find Visual Basic within the store fronts like plastic costume jewely, gaudy and sophmoric. Java, like an army of paper pusher, incessantly reshuffles itself. Database queery languages man the check out counters and HTML covers everything like shrink wrap. PHP has murdered Pearl as gone unpunished.

Deep within the city, maintained by public funds, a Zoo has been build. In the center is the Penquin House, and nearby you find Python, and awk. Strange animal abound here, only known well by the zoo keepers. Bash, Korn, autoconf, grep, and many creatures thought to be extinct.

The sky is full of the clouds of numbers, vectors, transforms, sets, and function ever shifting, made of nothing. And deep within the bowls of the earth, beneath everything save the very core of flip flops, busses, and caches, the elements march in constant step. They vary by country and climate, but everywhere composes of bit strings tightly encoded, the machine instruction grind out the rhythm of the world.

The adherents of Assembly Language wander above from country to country, shamans of a dark and comfortable tradition, undisturbed by the viccitudes of each country. They visit like prophets the cities and mountains, with the power of old gods, carrying nothing but hex editors and proccessor manuals. To them the sky is as high as a man is tall. They consider the passing clouds and shape the ground to match.

Quick Basic, upon its refuge mountain, remains the keeper of a simple mystery. Its commands lay spread like a painter palette, waiting to be arranged. It waits ready to be awed by innovation, ready to envelope new ideas and soften them with its persistent ethos of "Try and See". Nearby it keeps DOS, caring for it in it old, old age. It has sent FreeBasic down the mountain to soften the cities. Foremost, the mountain is a place that respects the individual, inviting each to develope on his or her own. So long and there are those ready to explore, it will continue upon the mountain.


Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 10:55 am
by floogle11

2010, Why do I ?

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:19 pm
by GarryRicketson
Why do I like qbasic ? ...Well also I noticed this thread is pretty old,
just browseing thru old stuff, as I am still relatively new to anykind
of prgramming, I tried some stuff with C+, but never could figure
anthything out, just one sample, that showed how to make program,
that printed the text in a file made with note pad, and it was a lot of steps,
real cunfuseing, and I could not understand what use that would be when
one can simpley open notepad, and open the file, and there is your text.
This could also be done with a simple batch file.
I had tried many times to figure out what QBasic was for, and what I
could do, when I was "fooling around" with DOS, I have always enjoyed
makeing batch files, and like useing DOS, but it was not until I stumbled
onto Pestes site, and got some of the tutorials, and finaly did my first,
and at this time still the only "program" I ever have done, at first it was
just plain old qbasic, then I got QB4.5, so I could make a executable,..
then QB64, ... so I could make something that could run in windows...
After all is said and done, though, I like QBasic, because it is realtively
easy to understand, and acutually, especially with stuff like QB64, there
really is a lot one could do with it, I hope Qbasic continues to develope,
and be used even if only a few people,... Guess thats about it for now,
from Garry

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:38 am
by coma8coma1
Glad to be a part of all of this! I still use QB because it's the only language I know! lol :)

I started

Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:25 pm
by floogle11
I started with QB when i was wondering how to make games then i went on to C and C++ then i went more into other things that i forgot what they were but now im going on HTML.:)


Posted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:45 pm
by seaBiscuit$
Just thought i'd post for the nostalgia.


Ah, the old days. i started learning a long time ago from reading the tutorials on the original

i would spend the little time that my parents let me tie up the phone line downloading as many qbasic games as i could get my hands on. They all went on floppy disks and into my old Packard Bell with windows 95.

There were many late nights (sometimes even until 10pm!) where i would play these amazing games. They were crappy, of course, but what was great was that they were written by people like me. i loved that.

i wouldn't have long enough internet access time to post on forums, so i didn't join the qmunity, and i had to hack my way through all my problems and bugs without forum help (which was probably a good thing,) but i always loved reading things that other programmers wrote since i would always learn new things and these were real, ordinary people who did the same stuff i did.

This was the first QB forum i joined, and sad to say it was a bit late, as the qmunity was already shrinking when i joined. i spent some time here and at the QBasic Station, until i moved away from QBasic. Still don't know why.

Now i'm in college and don't have much time even though i really want to hang out here like in the old days - just reading posts, downloading games, and learning things. i still use QBasic though. It helps my physics homework go quicker and is great for quick, fun projects - which is all that any of these QBasic programs are, and that's a good thing.



Glad to see your still around!

Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 3:17 pm
by Dragon90815
Happy Anniversary

Re: Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:14 pm
by GarryRicketson
IN a few months, it will be a "teenager",...sweet 13,... :D

Re: Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:00 am
by Anthony.R.Brown
I think Galleon's Ghost!...should be made Honourable Member! :)

Re: Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:28 pm
by GarryRicketson
Why do you say "Galleons Ghost ?.//

Re: Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 10:25 pm
by burger2227
Garry where you been? Miss you buddy!

Re: Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:12 am
by GarryRicketson
Well, I was in Oklahoma awhile, now I am Mexico again, been real busy, I still get notices,when someone posts here, so I check to see what was posted.
I will get back later, still real busy,and do not have much time, In relation to any coding, have not done anything for a long time now, but the interest is still there, just a lot of other things more pressing these days. Hope you are doing well too,..
from Garry

Re: Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS

Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:08 pm
by MicZ
Good Site Thanks

Re: Pete's QBasic Site celebrates TEN YEARS

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:11 pm
by GarryRicketson
Just stopped in , got a notice in my e-mail about a new post,...since it so close to Christmas, decided to wish every one a Merry Christmas, and Happy new year.
from Garry