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New submission deadline for QB Express #22!

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:59 am
by Lachie Dazdarian
QB Express #22 deadline: August 15th, 2010 (give or take a year).

Ahem. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I really expected for QB Express #22 to be out by now. Perhaps I wouldn't be so impatient if something relevant was happening in the community. PCOPY is still standing at one issue, is lagging, I don't want to talk about (; check the date of the last posted message in their Games section), is not becoming anything and VPlanet is good as dead so forget about reviews of FreeBASIC games. Perhaps I'm missing some crowded FB sites, other than, but I doubt.

Yes, there is, but it's only moderately active. Not as active as most of us would want it to be. There are games being developed, but no major releases after Lynn's Legacy. I just feel we are missing a frame, and the only real frame was QB Express, putting all this activity under one hat and giving the developed games and utilities some dignity, other than a mere thread in the forum.

Other than the sad fact that there are no people with real motivation or free time to build a proper community, I believe you own us Pete to release QB Express #22 before making an even longer break from it, to which you have a right, but which also should be properly announced. The other thing is Qlympics. It saddens me seeing it not being completed. We own to those 3 years of QB/FB history a closure. I can't believe that after 2002 we can't get a handle of ourselves and construct a proper awards event. None of us. The last thing would be all the articles and letters you got for QB Express #22, including my stuff. All this content needs to be published for the sake of the effort put into it. And I really wanted for people to see my letter because I was very generous in it. I hate being generous and nobody knowing about it. I know that's not Christian, but I'm not a Christian. :P

All in all, I implore you to sacrifice some of your precious ambition and give QB Express those 8-10 hours. Compile it, count the Qylimpics nomination votes if nothing else and then post at the end of the magazine something in the line of: "People, I'm steping down from editing QB Express for indefinite amount of time. Don't send me any more articles or news because I won't be able to publish them. Try to redirect your effort to some other magazine if one appears. Until and if I come back, good luck!"

A community is not a bunch of coders doing less or more useful stuff and showing that in one or two forums. A community is a place with atmosphere, sense of belonging and recognizable features. We don't have that.

I'm sorry if someone is annoyed by this analysis. I'm just making a personal and subjective diagnose of the poor state of the community. I don't blame anyone. Nobody has to do anything regarding the community as the community. I'm just saying it would be great if someone was.

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:24 am
by bungytheworm
I share your worry about what you said.
Feels like whole internet is now on some sort of "stand by" mood. Eveyone is out doin something else. Alltho, real life first.

PCopy issue #20 is also in under construction
Personel changes affected to it. Also, me and Mystik are only contributors atm so it takes time to have something enough to publish unless we publish some News only issue. Alltho we do have something, we dont have it enough.

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:30 pm
by MystikShadows
Though I can't quote anyone per se...There have been attempts, in the last few months. But it seems everyone's too busy making some FB project or another and like you guys say, with life itself.

We need to make something that can really encourage community like activities...magazine yes, always good, even in the community like it is. But other things too..

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:26 pm
by Nodtveidt
I was considering resurrecting my old QBOA as FBOA but in light of past "ran out of time so I had to put it aside" projects (like FB Database, which still sits unfinished somewhere on my hard drive), I decided against it.

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:39 pm
by bungytheworm
Im currently writing an article how and why (why should consider) for moving from qb to fb. Alltho im doing it in Finnish for one Finnish website. It's now my issue #1.

I have seen that nearly every website has been quiet down, majorally.
Just look at any website (qb/fb related) and you should see the same.

Personally i think that now it's final time to do some major decisions with QBE. I hoped and believed for it pretty long but now i have to say my opinions are changed.
As Pete sayd, QBE is not top of hes mission list. And delays like this gets peoples frustrated. Why anyone wants to contribute anything because it might take like 4 months before it get's published. Easyer and more community friendly way is to post it on forums.

Pete, you should now do some real decisions. Either you keep on doin this as you do now, but i think it's then a countdown to death of QBE. And i think that death is then very near, too near.
Or you can try to get more time for qbe and publish it at least every two months. Or you just have to give it away. Give QBE to someone else who has time and interest for it and this way QBE goes on. You have done great job with QBE, but in this case, i think someone else should takeit under hes control.

These are just my thought. Dont get angry but i think i have good point on my words.

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 8:58 am
by bungytheworm
2 wrote: 128 Days -- or -- 18 Weeks and 2 Days
since last issue.

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:50 am
by bungytheworm
170 Days -- or -- 24 Weeks and 2 Days

Pete, i dont wana piss you off but would you tell what is status of next issue and is it last one?
If you dont simply have time, could you share contributed articles to someone who put's next QBE out for you? I think there is lots of volunteers who would like to do it.

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 2:28 am
by nkk_kan
yeah i think lurah's right
and it will relieve you of some stress too..
if u are very busy,that's not your fault but
lurah's idea of handing over the mag to some
nice and worthy volunteer is good.

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:11 am
by Lachie Dazdarian
Oh, boy!


Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:56 am
by Nodtveidt
Maybe Pete fell off the edge of the earth... :lol:

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 8:52 am
by bungytheworm
He visits here time to time. I doubt we ever see QBE #22. Many peoples did tell theyre volunteers to build this issue if Pete just gives contributions but he havent even replied in anyway.

Anyway, thanks for givin us 21 great issues.

224 days;

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 3:17 pm
by {Nathan}
Nah, he's still alive. I see him on AIM all the time, he has great away messages.

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 5:53 am
by Nodtveidt
Well that's okay then, PCOPY is the only zine now, and it's an alright read. I know Pete's super busy and has that thing that some people need to get, which is a life. :D It's also very possible that Pete's just plain burned out, which happens and is completely normal.

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 7:30 pm
by BadMrBox
It's also very possible that Pete's just plain burned out, which happens and is completely normal.
Yeah it is. I think that it has happen to most of us sometime in life.

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:16 am
by Nodtveidt
I get programming burnout about every 2 years or so.

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:38 am
by bungytheworm
And i get it about every 2 weeks :lol:

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:02 pm
by sid6.7
its just not gonna happen any time lets just move over to PCOPY
for now guys...

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 4:32 am
by Z!re
EDIT: By popular demand, topic locked. Sorry sid, you were right.