Twenty Year Anniversary Update

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Twenty Year Anniversary Update

Post by Pete » Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:02 am

My oh my, does time fly! Pete's QB Site is now TWENTY years old... and it has been a full decade since the last update. (Yikes!)

Although I retired from updating this site and publishing QB Express in 2008, I've always intended to keep this site online forever as a resource. Pete's QB Site is here for the few diehards out there, who are still puttering away with BASIC almost two decades into the 21st century.

It's pretty quiet around here these days. Since the last update ten years ago, the QBasic community has all but scattered. It has a lot to do with computers no longer supporting QBasic the way they used to. The Freebasic community grew, peaked, and then slowed down to a crawl. And QB64 was launched and grew its own small but loyal following of nostalgic programmers. (QB64 seems to be where the most activity is these days in the QB world.)

What is new here? Well, the front page is the main update. I've turned it into a FAQ / "Landing Page" for people looking for information about QBasic in 2018. It will help direct new users to QB64 and Freebasic, as well as the handful of sites where the last vestiges and archives of the old Qmunity remain.

The other major update was to the Zines archive. Since 2008, there were three major QB/FB zines that were published, and I have archived them here to make sure that they are preserved for posterity: PCOPY! (2006-2008), Back2Basic (2010-2012) and Basic Gaming (2011-2012).

Additionally, I've restored an archive of V Planet!, one of the most loved QB magazines and game review sites of all time. Also, Fling-master recently uploaded archives of and

Finally, I urge everyone to check out Lachie Dazdarian's "A Love Letter To FreeBASIC" Competition (Oct 2018 - Jan 2019). This final competition from the Freebasic Games Directory, has a $250 prize, and is "a chance for them to give one final farewell to FreeBASIC." The competition encourages programmers who were once active in the Freebasic scene to make one final FB game to say goodbye to this community and language that was so near and dear to us.

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