Compiling .Bas files from MS-DOS

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Compiling .Bas files from MS-DOS

Post by cryptid » Thu Aug 18, 2005 3:20 pm

is there are way to compile a .Bas file to .exe from MS-Dos
say i have a .Bas file and the qb.exe and the other files such as link.exe BC.exe & the .lib files in the same folder will it be possible to compile the program into a .exe file


is there a command like |C:\WINDOWS\QB45\qb -c File.bas| to compile the bas file to .exe

Basically i dont want to use Qbasic itself to compile the program,,, i am actually writing a program which generates .BAS file so i also want the bas file to get compiled automatically


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Post by DrV » Thu Aug 18, 2005 3:30 pm

If you're using QB of any sort other than 1.1 (the one that came with DOS and Win95, etc.) then you can use BC.EXE - just run it without parameters and it will prompt you for the information, which you can then put into a command-line form. Then you will need to use LINK to link all the .obj files (plus the QB runtime libs) into a .EXE file.


Post by guest » Sat Aug 20, 2005 10:24 am

where can i get another version of qbasic other than 1.1?
and what does compiling mean?

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Post by {Nathan} » Sat Aug 20, 2005 11:56 am

compiling means converting the program into machine code so your processor can run it. Get qb45 here, at,, ect, and ect.

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BC ompiler Options... Etc..

Post by Valerie » Fri Aug 26, 2005 8:12 pm

A description of what a compiler does, the BC compiler options and metacommands are here:
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